How To Apply for Credit Card Online

How To Apply for Credit Card Online

Credit Cards are one of the most convenient digital and smart payment system introduced in the world today. They eliminate the need to carry stacks of cash in your wallet. The single secure chip credit card can be used for almost any kind of payment made online, at retail via POS and withdrawal of money at ATMs. We will discuss the various advantages of having a credit card in another article. Here, let’s see how to apply for credit card online. We promise, just like opening bank account online, applying for credit card online is just as easy.

What Should I know before I apply for credit card online?

If you have looked up online on how to apply for credit card online, we can be certain that you have already assessed your need for credit card and are looking for the best credit cards that suits your requirements. Before you apply for credit card online, you should know which credit card is best for you. And it helps to apply for credit card to a bank where you already have an account. The reason being you are already a known customer and the fact that you have already credit history, they will be more than willing to offer the best credit card for your needs. So if you have finalized which credit card suits you best, here is our guide on how to proceed online.

Steps to Apply for Credit card online

Apply for Credit Card Online

Always visit the official bank’s website and ensure that you do not land in a third party website. This is because it unnecessarily lengthens the process of applying for credit card online. And as you already know, credit cards are issued mostly by nationalized banks in India. So if you are looking for HDFC credit cards or ICICI Bank credit card, click on that bank’s official website link to apply for credit card online.

In most cases, the credit card application link available online are basic information filling form pages. They will collect few basic information about you such as your name, mobile number and email, your monthly gross salary and your source of income. The bank’s representative will then get in touch with you using the details you have submitted online. That;s how most credit card application is started, unless you visit the bank branch directly and apply for the same there.

How long does it take to complete the application?

It depends on the bank and most private sector banks take lesser time to process your application. They also offer the convenience of collecting the required documents from your residence. Their representatives, after assessing that your application will be fruitful, will contact you and advise you further on how to proceed. They also visit your residence to complete filling the application form and collect KYC documents along with Income source proof and passport size photos. Once the completed application form is submitted, you can expect to get verification calls within few days.

In about 2 weeks you should receive a confirmation regarding processing of your application. And you are likely to get your credit card in another week. The banks, once issued the credit card, will send you via courier.

How to Know I am applying from the Official bank’s Website?

The official bank’s website is the safest place to apply and the best place to look for information. Nowadays, many people fall prey to phishing and fraudsters. One way to confirm if you are applying from the bank’s official website is to look for this. Check and make sure that the name just before the domain extension, belongs to the bank’s name. For example, is the official link to apply for HDFC Credit Card online. Note the domain There can be any sub-domain before that. However, you will find many misleading websites that looks similar to this but have URLs such as Note here that the name before the .com is apply4creditcard. This does not look official at all and you should not trust such websites.

apply for credit card online securely

How Much Credit Limit Will I Get?

This information is usually not disclosed by the bank or bank’s representative at the time of application. This is because they could not determine the same and this is determined internally, depending on your credit history, source of income etc. You will get to know this information only upon issue and receipt of your credit card. So be patient on this. We will try to incorporate articles on how to apply for particular credit card online in our upcoming guides.

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